Denture repairs

Repairs to current dentures are usually undertaken due to either "Fractures" or "missing teeth". The most common type of fracture occuring with acrylic dentures is the; "midline fracture" and often occurs when a denture opposes natural dentition or a lower removable partial denture.

Fractures can also occur because of:

  • • A previous repair; 40-60% of transverse strength can be lost if previously repaired.
  • • Accidental damage; This is the most common cause of denture breakages.
  • • Denture Fit; A poorly fitting denture can flex in the mouth.
  • • Anatomy; A denture can fracture in excessively thin areas due to anatomical landmarks.

When dealing with repeated breakages martin uses a structured approach. This enables him to establish the correct remedial action.

Martin is able to offer a One Hour Repair Service, Six Days per-week. Understanding that dentures can break at any time Martin has also provided an Out-of-hours service please call; 07789263251 or 01603 624071 mon-fri, 8.30-5.30.

For your ease a comfortable waiting area is also provided.

If you have any questions about full dentures, please feel free to ask us.