Partial Denture

A partial denture is designed to replace one or several missing teeth. You may consider a removable partial denture to replace the missing teeth if:

  • • You have missing teeth
  • • The remaining teeth cannot accept a fixed bridge
  • • There is not sufficient bone for implants
  • • Finances are limited

Removable partial dentures have been made by technicians and worn by patients for many years. It is important to recognise that RPD's will require a referral from a dental practitioner before a clinical dental technician can continue with the treatment plan. Partial dentures are usually composed of two different materials. A cast metal base with clasping arms holds a pink plastic gum tissue and acrylic risen teeth. The metal clasps can be ether silver in colour or gold, depending on your individual circumstances. This clasps are sometimes necessary to hold the partial in place. Their location and design are dictated by the shape and position of your remaining teeth and which missing teeth will be replaced. We will show your where the clasps are to be located in your mouth. Most of the time, the amount of preparation of your natural teeth needed to ensure successful clasp design is minimal. This procedure if needed will be carried out by dental practitioner.

The base of the partial denture will rest lightly on your gum tissue. At some time in the future it is expected that you will need adjustments to the base. Usually this means an addition of more pink material to the denture base. Clasp arms will loosen and need to be tightened at various times. Weight loss or gain will also affect the fit of the base of the partial.

Do not sleep with partial dentures in place. It is recommended that partial dentures should be removed during sleep time to be cleaned and give the clasped teeth a chance to rest. The gum tissue under the denture needs a chance to breathe and re-establish proper blood circulation. The partial denture can compress the tissue and reduce blood flow in the area. Plaque can accumulate on your denture and your gum tissue. Use a very soft toothbrush to gently brush your gums. Also brush your partial denture daily with a denture brush and denture cleanser. Always store your partial denture in water when you are not wearing it.