Before treatment begins

As you consider having treatment for the provision of complete dentures, it may be beneficial for you to review the following points:

  • • Time Commitment. Because of the nature of dental appointments, it may be necessary for you to take some time off work, A few longer appointments are generally more efficient and less inconvenient than many short appointments. This will minimize your time within the surgery. Usually, the best time to have a long appointment is in the morning. Once the treatment has begun, it needs to be completed in a timely fashion. If treatment is delayed or missed, it could change the proposed treatment plan. This could adversely affect the total cost to you.
  • • Dentistry is both an art and a science. In complicated and technically difficult cases, and because of our high standards, it may prove necessary to redo a procedure or go back and retake impressions.
  • • Make certain you are aware of what treatment is required and the goals of treatment. If you do not understand why we have made a particular recommendation or treatment sequence, or the length of treatment required, please ask us for clarification before treatment begins. It is possible that previously undetected dental problems will be discovered once preparation has begun. When this occurs after the treatment plan has been developed, you will be immediately informed.
  • • You should be comfortable with all financial arrangements before any treatment is begun. Establish your dental budget. This will determine how much and how quickly treatment can proceed. Understand that you, are ultimately responsible for the total cost of treatment. If you would like to have more treatment than you can easily afford at one time, the dental procedures can be done in phases over a few months. Payment is expected as work is completed.
  • • Thorough oral self-care is very important, both at the beginning of treatment and afterward. The better your oral health is, the easier the restoration process will be.
  • • Before beginning treatment, understand clearly what will be required of you for daily oral self-care, your periodic professional dental hygience recall appointments, and the limitations of the dental prostheses you will receive. If you have naturally remaining teeth you must brush and floss as instructed. When treatment is completed a 6 month interval will be needed for a periodic dental hygiene recall, these appointments are strongly advised.
  • • Dental prostheses are subject to the same physical abuse as natural teeth. The denture clinic is able to offer high impact acrylic resin as one of many possible solutions.

If you have any questions about full dentures, please feel free to ask us.