"I knew many years ago that upper false teeth would be a problem because, I have a very shallow roof to my mouth.

When the time was up and my false teeth were ready, it was out with the old and in with the new. So long as i used one tube of tooth glue a week, they would stay in place.

After a year or so, I had a new plate made. After eight weeks of mould taking, fittings and filling down I got my new plate, just in time for Christmas. I tried and tried to wear the new plate but was still returning to the dentist. In the end I used my old plate.

At my three month check-up I asked for a refund, as I was using more poly-grip than ever and found them very painfull.

What to do Next!

After scanning yellow pages I found Martin. I phoned Martin, had a chat and made an appointment. Off we went, after five appointments in ten days. Guess what! Teeth that fitted and stayed in place when eating. Life is great! and no more poly-grip."

Patricia, Gt Yarmouth.

"I have never been happy with my dentures that I got from the NHS. Despite my trips back to complain I was always told "This is the best we can do", so I just lived with it trusting what was told me. My dentures required a repair and i was loathed to go back to my NHS dentist, so after a very short search I found Martin.

As soon as I met him and sat in the chair, I was put completely at ease with his professional and caring manner. One look at my dentures and he was horrified that I put up with them. He explained in great detail what he could do for me and i ended up with a superb set of dentures. I am so happy with them, they have returned a smile to my face that was very rare before. The service was second to none in quality and speed with every step explained, some of which had never been explained to me before. I am so happy with the professional service that I am going to send my husband so he can have his winning smile back again."

Penelope, Norwich.

I was introduced to martin through my mother in late March 2011. After she had new dentures made by him. Martin was polite and professional at all times, even though I have a major gag reflex. He took his time over the impression of my gums. I was put at ease with the calm atmosphere and treatment in the dental chair that I had with him over the next two weeks, with the making and fitting of my dentures.

My new denture is well fitted and comfortable, I have not had any problems. In my opinion, I find Martin to be a competant and professional person who I would highly recommend to others.

Robert, Norwich.

I recently attended The denture clinic and was seen by Mr Martin Platten in order for a new chrome partial denture to be made. An appointment was made immediately for me to be seen by a dental surgeon to assess the condition of my teeth and gums. The denture was made soon afterwards.

Throughout the whole procedure I was treated in a professional and efficient manner and the resulting Chrome denture was excellent. Mr Platten took great care at all times to make sure that the chrome denture was a perfect fit.

I could not have had better treatment or a better result which I feel is a credit to Mr Plattens professional skill.

John, Norwich.